A Brief history of Electra – Pt.1: the early days

Electra is a cryptocurrency launched in March 2017 with an innovative distribution during the POW stage, and then – after the switch to POS – a relative high staking rate of 50% annually until October 2018. After that, staking rewards were drastically cut, first to 2.5 %, then 1.25 %, and now – since January 2021, 0.63 % only.
During the fall of 2017, an active community started to support Electra, and a team to support development and promote the project was organized from community members.

While Electra rose spectatcularly in the bull-run at the turn of 2017 in to 2018, there were also setbacks – like – during the years several exchanges closed suddenly down – with Coinsmarkets and Cryptopia only the most prominent examples.

A brief history of Electra – Pt.2: Present & Future

Relations between the original Founder and the Team had never been easy, and so – the majority of the Team decided in November 2020 to leave Electra and start a new project.

This caused a precipative fall in the price of Electra, and some confusion. But now, some people came together to form a new Team, to continue Electra, so that it might rise from the abyss – may be like a phoenix – may be to the moon – or even beyond…

Wallets APPS

v.2.0 wallets for Windows, Mac and Linux are credited to Electra01, Pedro, CC, Ruru, Jenova, nashsclay, ECA Ricouskim, Arctic and Master Den.

Credit to the developers of Bumbacoin and Feathercoin for contributions to previous forks.

Mobile Wallets APPS

There is no actual official Mobile-wallet for Android or IOS – those had to be pulled as the former team stopped the servers needed to connect to the Blockchain
– the new Team is evaluating the situation and can provide help to get your coins unlocked if you still hold them on mobile wallets.

OUR ROADMAP The Past and the future

March 17th, 2017

Electra Blockchain is launched - 20'000'000'000 ECA are mined in POW-blocks - with very different rewards - until block 11810

June / July 2017

switch to Proof of Stake (POS) minting, with 50% annual proportional rate, with 210 blocks daily average

October 4th, 2018

at block 112201 Fork to Version 1.3 - reducing blocktime and staking rewards - now 500 blocks daily average, reward 2.5 % annualy.

February 22, 2019

at block 182750, major blockchain upgrade to Electra-Core V2, with now - ca 1'333 blocks per day

November 22th, 2020

existing Team takes a snap-shot of the Blockchain and announces to walk away and start a new project (XEP) - starting with an Airdrop for (many) ECA-holders.

From January 2021

Electra continues, but without a proper Team - some people come together to discuss a possible future

April 2021

a new Team for Electra is formed

Powered by a Team TEAM

We are currently forming a new team. Stay tuned or join us 🙂


For safety reason, the Team doesn’t recommend to keep Coins on Exchanges if you’re not actively trading, but on your Electra-Desktop wallet –  please pay attention that not all Exchanges use the same number of decimals for base currencies (like BTC or ETH – and that some pairs might be illiquid – so that prices that you might pay / receive might vary widely depending on Exchange / Pair / and amount that you are investing).


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.